3.45 PM

There are few people in the world untouched by the world and its vices. I sincerely believe some of us are not meant for the adult world. Few are too naïve, too innocent, too pure. People, who have not been affected by the bitterness of the world. Consider it your greatest luck if manage to cross paths with such even for the briefest time. The universe must like me too much to because I met two of them.

There were 3 of us. Teammates. Collegaues. It was a simple thing. Tea break at 3.45 sharp. The choice of beverage changed with name of the whatsapp group. Tea- time, Badam gang, Horlicks break.

But the time was constant. And the people. And the place. It were the most important 20 minutes of my day. One, that got me through entire days at times. 3.45 PM was reason enough to try and wake up the next day. In this world of boyfriends and friendzones, friendships unadulterated by feelings, pretense, and agendas are rare, and if you find them you hold on to them. We are a confused species who have been taught and grown to believe being “too nice” is not good. “Kindness only gets taken advantage of”. “Hustling” is the only way to survival. “Sensitive” is stupid. And yet we are confused when we cannot find good people and good experiences. Hurt at being played. Forever conning to avoid getting conned. I thank my stars for meeting people who are still unaware of the world and its ways. Those who know nothing of the “fear” of being taken advantage of. Those who know nothing else other than being genuine. People who do not belong in this adult world. That is why 3.45 PM was so important. At 3.45 PM there were no client calls, no uncertainties of the future, no deadlines. Juilee was going to Google. Firoz was opening the biggest consulting firm in Coimbatore. Archish was heading Facebook. At 3.45 PM everything was possible. At 3.45 PM the world was a better place. At 3.45 PM 3 friends laughed and a girl realized where she could always find her smile.


2 thoughts on “3.45 PM

  1. Brilliant article, very true sentiments. Better to stay as innocent kids than becomes judgemental , lying adults.

    Always imagine, have fun and keep it simple.

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