Deny them a Christmas!

So Christmas is around the corner, and though I’m too old to receive gifts from Santa I have some very cherished childhood memories, that mark this day. The most vivid memory that, I can recall is not waiting and anticipating those gifts from Santa, but me and my brother’s painstaking efforts to maintain our best behavior lest Santa skipped our house if we misbehaved. (Those must be some brilliant parents who came up with this idea of Santa!)

Anyway, so a few days back I just recalled a newspaper headline when a couple of teenage kids in the city were arrested for consuming alcohol and drugs at a party. Not that Pune hasn’t seen other rave party raids and arrests but the kids involved in this case were as shockingly young as 13 and 15. I mean, when did this happen? When did school-going CHILDREN, start drinking alcohol?! Last I remember, we refused to drink milk and our mother would give us a tight slap just to let us know how much of freedom of speech was allowed in the house.

Not that I suggest hitting kids is the solution, but I’m pretty sure there were more than a couple of child rights and laws our parents violated while we were growing up and we turned out alright. The most irritating thing about kids these days is, not only are they spoilt, over-pampered brats but they also have these huge egos with frustrating ideas of self-importance! For example, if you snatched a candy from a kid earlier, the most he’ll do is cry and threaten to run to mommy for help, at which point you would wisely return the candy. But if you try snatching a candy from a kid these days, not only will he cry and throw a tantrum and run to mommy for help, but also constantly sulk and whine about the extreme mistreatment meted out to him and how grossly unjust life has been with him!

What really makes my blood boil is how every stupid, wasted, bratty kid in the world will use crappy, lame-ass excuses like ‘You don’t know my story’, ‘I’m so depressed’, ‘Life’s been so hard’ to justify drugs, booze or any other addiction. There are children who are starved, raped, abused, beaten on a daily basis, but yes your life is hard because you aren’t cool enough…Awww.

Not that I have a thing against eternally drunk or stoned people. Because in all fairness, everybody has the right to waste their crappy lives as they see fit! What I have a problem with is, people who refuse to believe it is their fault. So, today probably, you are letting your 13 year old get away with drinking because he was too ‘depressed’, tomorrow he might think he can get away with murder because he was a little ‘cross’.

If I show up drunk late at night and claim ‘You don’t know my story’ my parents would probably take a moment to feel sorry for me. And then not having felt anything, would throw both me and my story out of the house! So you see, I don’t drink because I have a conscience, it’s rather because I have a consequence following it. Lack of consequences and not lack of conscience is what makes a bad person. My point being, I may not be the most virtuous of individuals, but I have been threatened, blackmailed and tricked enough times to know I have to behave like one. Just like I have been denied enough things by my parents to know I cannot get everything in life. So go ahead, deny your kids a comfortable life. Let them know life’s not always the way they want it to be. Maybe they’ll hate you but atleast we’ll have a better world!


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